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Our Services

Our Services
Compunetics Inc has enormous depth and capabilities in Product design , engineering and manufacturing. With over 48 years in an industry that changes at light speed.​
  1. Electronic Design
    With over 40 years of innovative experience we are ready to create functional electronic schematics that surpass your expectations. Our engineers have studied and applied solutions that reduce and simplify and streamline efficiency using the latest available technologies. We have provided design covering Autonomous Guidance Systems to Voice Actuated skeet shooting for over 15 years.
  2. Mechanical Design
    With our recommendations, product enclosures are reviewed and built to exceed your specifications. We have and will deliver test modules to millions of units ready for the use or end user applications. Using the latest board schematic and CAD design software, we build to produces using readily available and approved technologies.
  3. PCB Design & Product Assembly
    We handle low to high volume placement with quick and accurate turn-over. We have state of the art SMT line under the same house as our design teams that make our DFM practices best in the field. For over 40 years, we offer detailed through hole hand solder mounting with experienced technicians to now Pick and Place production work . With efficiency in mind, we provide LED lighting illuminations solutions to specifications to many provider in the industry. With competition deep and wide, we strive to exceed your expectations in all our work.
  4. Product Evaluation/Testing
    We specialize in the complete testing of designs and efficiency against the most current available technologies. The evaluation process will provide information you can base product life span decisions. Our customers span from jet engines to automotive manufactures with one nuclear power provider.
  5. LED Illumination Solutions
    With designs that output 45,000 Lumens with over 160 Lumen Per Watt, we offer products that illuminate everything from 45 foot warehouses to 6 foot high office space. Our ability to address every illuminations covers expansive warehouses to motor homes and even medical cabinet lighting needs. Using every available technology, the design are light accurate, energy efficient, reliable and very long lasting.

Services Tailored to your needs

We will provide you the means necessary to make your company succeed. We can be brought in to employ the very best practices in any step of a products development. From concept to your customers hands. Nothing is out of your reach when you use Compunetics.